Sunday, December 21, 2008

Are shoes you're religion? we want to hear from you

At Princess Chic shoes are our religion. We work to buy more shoes, we love looking at them , feeling them, wearing them, and buying them (although our husbands may not appreciated them so much, especially when they see the credit card statement). if shoes are your religion we want to hear from you. We want to know why you love them, your favourite styles and your dream shoes.
How to Walk in High Heels

We’ll have you strutting like a supermodel in no time with these little tips...
1. Make sure the shoes you buy fit. Try little tricks like adding innersoles if they are slightly too big or gel heel cushions. This will make them more comfortable and help when you are strutting like the supermodel you want to be.
2. Heels this season are reaching new heights so try and go for a wider heel if you’re not Giselle. The smaller the heel the harder they will be on your ankles, putting more stress on your legs and your brain as you owrry about falling over in front of that hot guy that works in the office next door. Platform pumps will also take some of the heartache out of strutting as the heel looks high but isn’t as high as it seems due to the platform on the sole.
4. We do exercise for our butts so do some exercise specifically for your legs and ankles. This will strengthen our lower half to make heel wearing more enjoying and make you actually feel like a supermodel. Try our High Heel Workout DVD. Get killer legs AND look and feel more confident in your heels.
5. Strutting like a supermodel is all about confidence & attitude. Put the ‘I own the world’ look on your face, shoulders back, hips forward and think like a supermodel who owns the world. Imnagine swarms of admiring glances as you strut down the street looking glamorous, confident and super sexy.
5. Your feet do need some time out so try to give them a break occasionally. Walking on unsteady footpaths can make you feel like your ankles are about to break, so have a pair of flats on hand (dare I say it) for walking long distances. Slip off your heels while you’re at your desk too so stretch out your calves and ankles.
7. Cheat a little if you need to. Use Celebrity Feet, innersoles, gel heel protectors, anything to give you added protection and comfort.
8. Practice makes perfect. Use your hallway like a catwalk and pretend you are Giselle or Kate wearing the latest Chanel haute couture in front of the who who’s of fashion . Even better if you have a glass of chardy in your hands.

Get your High Heel workout DVD and more tips on how to walk in heels from

Monday, November 24, 2008

How many is too many??

Ask most men how many shoes their wife, girlfriend, or sister has and the answer is: "too many." But men just don’t understand. It’s like Mars & Venus – too different worlds! What is the answer to the age old question – how many shoes is too many? Ask most women and they will say – there is no such thing as too many shoes! How is it possible to have too many, there are so many occasion to wear them that you need a lot just to get you through a couple of months (let alone a year).

And what do men care? I tried to explain the concept of shoes to a male friend who didn’t understand why his wife had bought yet another pair of black shoes. As I very kindly pointed out, each pair of those black shoes is different – different style, different heel height, material, different seasons…. I asked him, “Now do you get it?” He just looked at me blankly…. They just don’t get it!

I stopped counting when I reached three digits and my husband cant complain as I do wear them all (well a lot of them anyway). This princess firmly believes that there is no such thing as too many shoes. After all a princess has to have some vices!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Xmas SHopping Online is so much easier

I have made a promise to myself this Christmas. I am doing ALL my xmas shopping online this year - i feel exhausted just thinking about hitting the big shopping centres.
It will take forever to find a carpark, a have to fight my way through crowds of people, stand forever in checkout lines, lug it all back to the car (hurting my arms in the process) then watch as 5 people try and swoop on the carpark im about to leave. Ahhhh - its all too hard. When i can sit in the comfort of my own home (rain, hail or shine), with a glass of wine in one hand, and leisurely browsing sites to find the perfect gifts.

dont leave home
save time
stressfree shopping
no carparking headaches
relax and browse in comfort
non reliant on weather
no waiting in queues
drink wine while shopping (considered illegal in most shopping centres)
delivered to your door - often gift wrapped

have to do hair, makeup and get mentally prepared to hit the shops
travel time
stressFUL shopping
tears & tantrums looking for carparks
sore limbs, screaming kids and trolley injuries
less than pleasant experience in the rain
looooong checkout lines with people pushing in
pack it in the car, take it out of the car, wrap it, label it and place under tree..

Visit a few of Princess Chic friends to (and princess Chic, of course) to have a stressful Xmas experience. Put the extra $$ saved towards your favourite bottle of wine or another pair of fabulous party shoes!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Men dont understand shoes (unless they are gay or do they)?

Men love sports. Women love shoes. These are 2 facts that will never change: We will never understand their obsession with sport and I doubt they will ever understand out obsession with shoes.
They don't understand how the perfect shoes make us feel like we are floating on air. They don't understand why we love them. They just don't understand. (or do they?)
A recent experience has made me rethink that some of them just might.
Since I started Princess Chic my husband has had a crash course in womans footwear. Can you believe he knows what pumps and peep toes are? Recently he has come out with a comment that nearly floored me, I was so dumbfounded I couldn't speak. He said "what is happening with these pink pumps"? How does he know what a pump is? OMG. Then a huge smile spread across my face.
As he spends hours looking at them when he updates my shoes site, some of it has obviously got through. He knows heel heights, material, shoe styles and even designers (even though he cant pronounce them). I think I am a very lucky girl to have a husband who (even though he doesn't fully understand my passionate obsession) is totally supportive of my love, which makes me love him even more. Not to many women are a lucky as me!


Once upon a time there was a princess that loved spring almost as much as she loved shoes. Spring meant she could wear her favourite new strappy heels

This princess loved the new spring styles that princess chic had available. This spring is all about the gladiator look made famous by Carrie Bradshaw in our favourite movie of the year – Sex in the City. And platforms are huge again. (And I mean literally). The new styles are fit for only the most seasoned shoe princess.

Monday, September 22, 2008

My first designer shoe experience

There is nothing like the thrill you get when you find a pair of shoes you love. This thrill is multiplied when it involves designer footwear. A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to buy my first pair of designer shoes. I went to the US and I told my darling husband that I was buying a pair of Manolo's. I did try to prepare him for the cost, although I don't think you can ever fully prepare a male for the price of designer shoes and why they are so worth it. So after checking out Rodeo Drive we wandering down to Neiman Marcus and that's where I fell in love. The moment I saw them I knew I had to have them. Just to walk about the Manolo Blahnik department was pure heaven. So many gorgeous shoes but one in particular took my breath away.They were stunning, silver sandals with a circle of swarovski crystals featured on the front and 4.5 inch heels. Timeless perfection in a box! I was so excited I could barely contain myself and held the bag with so much pride as I marched back down Rodeo. Needless to say my husband had a heartache when he saw the price tag, promptly marched out with the grumps and proceeded not to speak to me for an hour after. Whatever, he'll get over it. After all, I have a pair of Manolo's in my possession. If you haven't experienced it then you need to do it once in your life. I want to thank the shoe god himself for making a work of art that can make a woman feel like a princess as soon as she slips them on her feet. I am in awe of you Mr Blahnik. You rock!