Monday, September 29, 2008

Men dont understand shoes (unless they are gay or do they)?

Men love sports. Women love shoes. These are 2 facts that will never change: We will never understand their obsession with sport and I doubt they will ever understand out obsession with shoes.
They don't understand how the perfect shoes make us feel like we are floating on air. They don't understand why we love them. They just don't understand. (or do they?)
A recent experience has made me rethink that some of them just might.
Since I started Princess Chic my husband has had a crash course in womans footwear. Can you believe he knows what pumps and peep toes are? Recently he has come out with a comment that nearly floored me, I was so dumbfounded I couldn't speak. He said "what is happening with these pink pumps"? How does he know what a pump is? OMG. Then a huge smile spread across my face.
As he spends hours looking at them when he updates my shoes site, some of it has obviously got through. He knows heel heights, material, shoe styles and even designers (even though he cant pronounce them). I think I am a very lucky girl to have a husband who (even though he doesn't fully understand my passionate obsession) is totally supportive of my love, which makes me love him even more. Not to many women are a lucky as me!

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I know straight men that do understand shoes and actually know a lot about them. In fact, I couldn't be in a relationship with a man who doesn't like both woman and man's shoes. Nice blog, you should visit mine.