Saturday, May 23, 2009

A chat with Giuseppe Zanotti

On Thursday, April 30th the visionary shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti made an in-store appearance at the famous Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Avenue in New York City. He was there in honor of his Spring 2009 collection, and the lucky women (and men) who purchased his shoes were invited to have their soles signed and take a Polaroid picture with the designer which was then topped off with a personalized message and decoration by Giuseppe himself. The compliments and fans surrounding the designer were plentiful and Giuseppe eagerly and happily shook hands and exchanged greetings with each and every person. He was unrelentingly gracious and, while I had been warned that there was a language barrier, his grasp of the English language was impressive and the obstacles for him to express himself were few.

So, what did Giuseppe have to say about his Spring collection? For one, he was inspired by many things, but the line's color palette, unique embellishments and details are "A tribute to Africa…[a celebration of] the arts from Africa, the painters, the music…Africa is our base." He referenced the shades of brown he's used, the silver ornaments and the zebra prints as all being inspired by Africa but with a sense of "the new world" incorporated into them as well.

Giuseppe mentioned that he pulls much of his inspiration for each collection from what he called his library of women's shoes, but in reality sounds more like something I (and I would imagine most women) would refer to as a museum as well as a dream come true. This "library" consists of 7,500 plus pairs and holds styles dating back to the 18th century. The other large influence on Giuseppe's shoes? His passion for music. "I put my culture and records into my shoes - they are the same thing."

For Fall of 2009, Giuseppe described what we can expect through an assortment of descriptive adjectives like "Rock & Roll and gothic; dark but positive! A focus on women's beauty and decadence…crazy, pure illusion! " He referenced the 90's film Interview with a Vampire to emphasize his vision of elegance mixed with a dark but seductive edge.

And for Spring 2010? He's planning to showcase what he described as "colors in the wrong", which he went on to explain as being combinations and mixes of colors that are very untraditional and unexpected. He also claimed it would have "a jump from classic to Pop Art."
So how is the recession treating a designer whose shoes often run in the thousand dollar range? "Women buy the best!" he said cheerily. "The sandals, [they are] still selling well…they represent Summer [and are] something new." One of the reasons he believes his designs are doing well is that his shoes complete the personalized and diversified look that Today's Woman is after. "In the 90's, women [were] slaves of the total look from magazine pages…now women choose for themselves…something from here, something there."

But perhaps even Giuseppe lovers are showing some affinity for practicality during these rough times. It's not those high, sculpted heels that are flying off the shelves…according to Giuseppe "Seventy percent more flats than heels are selling!"

What do Sarah Jessica Parker and the German national soccer team have in common?

What do Sarah Jessica Parker and the German national soccer team have in common? Their love of shoes, of course.

One thing the world has learned from "Sex and the City" is that shoes are much more than mere footwear. One doesn't simply wear one's shoes. One loves them. And one lives in them. Shoes are a world that fashionable men and women inhabit: a kind of portable apartment that children, pets and annoying relatives are not allowed to visit.

People who love their shoes live their life as if it were an expensive Caribbean vacation. That is why Sarah Jessica Parker alias Carrie Bradshaw always feels like she's walking not on air, but, much more literally, money.

Extensive research into the social structure of Ancient Rome has led some Classical scholars to reinterpret the old Latin proverb Omnia mea mecum porto. For centuries, this old saying was translated as "I carry all my possession with me." It implied that our intellect is our most precious possession.

New evidence, however, suggests two different ways of reading this ancient pearl of wisdom: "All that I have, I invest in my sandals" or "I wish I could carry all my sandals with me." In view of the newly discovered Roman obsession with shoes, stoicism is currently undergoing a radical reappraisal.

The newsest workout craze

If you're anything like me, you have a gym memebership which you barely use. You want the quick fix to staying in shape while being able to eat & drink whatever you want.... fairytale!! Well i dont have a solution to that problem but can give you an alternative solution to your workout woes. The latest craze in fitness in the US is the High Heel Workout. A workout specifically designed to make you more confident and stronger while strutting in your heels.

The NEW High Heel Fitness Workout and Instructional DVD teaches the foundation to walking in high heels, which admit it, many of us need a bit of help with, even though we all think we strut along the street like Supermodels. Watch and avoid the most common walking mistakes while decreasing the risk of injury and discomfort.

HIGH HEEL FITNESS WORKOUT & INSTRUCTIONAL DVD is the first high heel instructional and fitness workout proven to increase sexiness, confidence and grace in heels. The Legwork DVD teaches the advanced high heel fitness and training routines of top Broadway dancers and was created in collaboration with ballerinas, women’s shoe designers, fitness experts and podiatrists. Each instructor has over 12 years of professional dance training and experience in high heels. High heel fitness is the secret to sexy high heel walking and endurance!
High Heel Fitness Workout strengthens and tones legs and core, targeting specifically the upper and lower legs, abs, butt, the inner and outer thighs, calves, ankles and feet for stability, control and endurance in heels of all heights.

Have fun princess and walk like a supermodel!

Shoes that double as weapons

I have always believed that my trusty stilettos can double as weapons. Get into trouble on a dark night and wham!, one kick with your pointy toed stiletto's and your attacker goes down. But these pumps take that theory to a whole new level. You literally have weapons on your feet. Put your best stiletto forward with 'killer heels'.