Monday, November 24, 2008

How many is too many??

Ask most men how many shoes their wife, girlfriend, or sister has and the answer is: "too many." But men just don’t understand. It’s like Mars & Venus – too different worlds! What is the answer to the age old question – how many shoes is too many? Ask most women and they will say – there is no such thing as too many shoes! How is it possible to have too many, there are so many occasion to wear them that you need a lot just to get you through a couple of months (let alone a year).

And what do men care? I tried to explain the concept of shoes to a male friend who didn’t understand why his wife had bought yet another pair of black shoes. As I very kindly pointed out, each pair of those black shoes is different – different style, different heel height, material, different seasons…. I asked him, “Now do you get it?” He just looked at me blankly…. They just don’t get it!

I stopped counting when I reached three digits and my husband cant complain as I do wear them all (well a lot of them anyway). This princess firmly believes that there is no such thing as too many shoes. After all a princess has to have some vices!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Xmas SHopping Online is so much easier

I have made a promise to myself this Christmas. I am doing ALL my xmas shopping online this year - i feel exhausted just thinking about hitting the big shopping centres.
It will take forever to find a carpark, a have to fight my way through crowds of people, stand forever in checkout lines, lug it all back to the car (hurting my arms in the process) then watch as 5 people try and swoop on the carpark im about to leave. Ahhhh - its all too hard. When i can sit in the comfort of my own home (rain, hail or shine), with a glass of wine in one hand, and leisurely browsing sites to find the perfect gifts.

dont leave home
save time
stressfree shopping
no carparking headaches
relax and browse in comfort
non reliant on weather
no waiting in queues
drink wine while shopping (considered illegal in most shopping centres)
delivered to your door - often gift wrapped

have to do hair, makeup and get mentally prepared to hit the shops
travel time
stressFUL shopping
tears & tantrums looking for carparks
sore limbs, screaming kids and trolley injuries
less than pleasant experience in the rain
looooong checkout lines with people pushing in
pack it in the car, take it out of the car, wrap it, label it and place under tree..

Visit a few of Princess Chic friends to (and princess Chic, of course) to have a stressful Xmas experience. Put the extra $$ saved towards your favourite bottle of wine or another pair of fabulous party shoes!