Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walking in heels should be an Olympic event

Now you all know how much i love my heels. Put me in a pair of flats and my balance is all out or whack. I think woman dont get enough credit for the diffuculty factors we sometimes face when wearing our beloved stiletto's or platform pumps. It is not easy navigating the city terrain. I for one, dread walking in the city in my heels. To start with I am suspended 4 inches above the groud, balancing precariously on a heel 10mm wide (if im lucky). Then there are the uneven pavers that have been neglected over the years that make it near impossible to walk on. The cracks that have opened up and yet to be repaired by the City Council not to mention if its wet and the whole pavement becomes like one giant slippy slide.

it's not easy to deal with all whilst your faux Birkin is balanced on one arm and your blackberry in the other. If they made walking in stiletto's on the city pavement, im sure we would be in medal contention.... what do you think chics?

We want to hear your stiletto war stories....

Monday, January 5, 2009

What is your addiction?

Hi, my name is Tanya and i am addicted to shoes. I know i have an addiction but i cant help it. I love the feeling i get when i see the perfect black pump or the cute summer sandal that is on sale AND available in my size. My addiction is harmless. It hurts no one (except my credit card). I might be guilty of credit card cruelty but at least i'll die happy.

We all have an addiction - yes, including you princess! We are all addictd to something. Mine is shoes. Yours might be shopping, smoking, Red Bull or something more interesting. We want to know what your addiction is?? Wewll, what is it princess.