Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to Walk in High Heels

We’ll have you strutting like a supermodel in no time with these little tips...
1. Make sure the shoes you buy fit. Try little tricks like adding innersoles if they are slightly too big or gel heel cushions. This will make them more comfortable and help when you are strutting like the supermodel you want to be.
2. Heels this season are reaching new heights so try and go for a wider heel if you’re not Giselle. The smaller the heel the harder they will be on your ankles, putting more stress on your legs and your brain as you owrry about falling over in front of that hot guy that works in the office next door. Platform pumps will also take some of the heartache out of strutting as the heel looks high but isn’t as high as it seems due to the platform on the sole.
4. We do exercise for our butts so do some exercise specifically for your legs and ankles. This will strengthen our lower half to make heel wearing more enjoying and make you actually feel like a supermodel. Try our High Heel Workout DVD. Get killer legs AND look and feel more confident in your heels.
5. Strutting like a supermodel is all about confidence & attitude. Put the ‘I own the world’ look on your face, shoulders back, hips forward and think like a supermodel who owns the world. Imnagine swarms of admiring glances as you strut down the street looking glamorous, confident and super sexy.
5. Your feet do need some time out so try to give them a break occasionally. Walking on unsteady footpaths can make you feel like your ankles are about to break, so have a pair of flats on hand (dare I say it) for walking long distances. Slip off your heels while you’re at your desk too so stretch out your calves and ankles.
7. Cheat a little if you need to. Use Celebrity Feet, innersoles, gel heel protectors, anything to give you added protection and comfort.
8. Practice makes perfect. Use your hallway like a catwalk and pretend you are Giselle or Kate wearing the latest Chanel haute couture in front of the who who’s of fashion . Even better if you have a glass of chardy in your hands.

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