Thursday, October 15, 2009

Biography of legendary shoe designer Roger Vivier

Born in Paris France, Vivier studied sculpture at the Ecole des Beaux in Paris until an invitation from friends to design a collection of shoes for their shoe factory, interrupted his studies. In 1936 he worked for other shoe makers before opening his own house the following year. Vivier designed for many major shoes manufacturers, Pinet, Bally, Delvain, Rayne and Turned in the UK. Vivier agreed to work exclusively for Delvain in 1938 but the completion of his contract as prevented by his mobilisation in 1939.

One year later he was out of the army and off to New York where he worked with Delvain until 1941. In 1942, having studied MIllinerary, Vivier opened a shop with Suzanne Remy, a well respected Parisian milliner. In 1945 back with Delvain he produced several collections one of which included crystal shoes. He returned to Paris and worked freelance until Dior opened a shoe department in his salon in 1953 and appointed vivier as designer. During his stay, Vivier made some o the most influential shoes of the period.

He translated 18th Century mules into evening shoes, court shoes and day boots. In 1957 he created a stacked heel, chisel toed shoes which become very populr. He made circular diamonte heels, wedge shoes and bread embroidered shoes. In the 1960’s he designed African sandals and a shoe with a mother of pearl and silver buckle. A nonconformist master craftsman who rarely faltered, Vivier was noted for his skill in positioning and balancing innovative heels and for his imaginative use of texture. He reopened his business in 1963 in Paris and continued to produce two collections a year until his death in 1998. .


Driven said...

The photo doesn't seem to fit the text since that shoe is the "Rainbow" platform Salvatore Ferragamo made in 1938 for Judy Garland.

Amy Cindy said...

roger vivier shoes are so gorgeous. roger vivier